Ode To The Turnlings


Ode to the turnlings and how they typically turn.

Stealing your sparkle and unwilling to share their’s. they bring up the past and they love splitting hairs

They take your torment to make themselves terrific. They Take your bliss to make them selves horrific.

They prefer to always be on top, and rarely adjacent. Any thing juxt opposed would just need a replacement.

It comes to them while it should be coming to you. If the light were on you it would just never do.

Ode to the turnlings and how they Drain! Take your tragedy and drink your shame,


what if we are all little lucifers that fell from heaven like little spears of destiny? Aiming at the target that is marked with an x. Trying to hit as close as we can to the “bulls”eye. Plotting the points of our path like we are writing the plot of a screen play called our lives?

What I told you it was a game. What if I told you it was a gamble? Would you dismiss my words like you dismissed your paradise? A pair of dice you were rolling. you won’t even remember from where or why you came to where or why you’re going.

I’ll tell you right now. you were an Angel that fell. Some say you do this like falling in love. It Could be just falling in line. But what to do when all your lines are fine, and you have crossed them all. At the cross roads where you were christ crossed.

And I can’t tell you now if your able to go back up. They say you have a direct bluetooth line to the pit. Should you snip it? Should you cut it? Or do you leave it wide open and flood it. Flood it with light, flood it with love, with information from above. That’s where you forgot you started this from.

When my mom dies

When my mom dies I’ll be terrified.

I’ll be left alone ungrown. I never did figure out how to raise from a child.

I never grew up, only out. And I’ll always still be turning out.

She will not be there, I’m the middle. They have cut my hair. The invisible pillow for Justin Case-man. What if i need a bail out?

When my mom dies how will I live? I only learned the take. Never giving much thought about the make. I worked at throwing away the opportunities she gave. And I I better tell her about it these days before she hits the grave.

When my mom dies I’ll be terrified. L


I remember the night you came with your cold blue burning ember of truths. Dripping with circles completed in eytomoligies.

I can’t tell how I got you. I can’t tell how to get you back.

They erased the knowledge you gave me with that bitter sweet down load that night.

I want it back. Bring it back. Bring me back those times. That time I’ve spent, those times I’ve wasted. Give me something to save.

I’ve got a feeling that your in my ceiling. Giving me chills when I think your name. That name a gave you when I met you. Sootie, Sootie, Sootie… Please come and sooth me.

Open wide

Why does it seem, to enter your thought stream, I have to be wide open?

And the connection will grow longer if I make that frequency grow stronger. But they moon must be wide open.

And it seems that reason for all my breaking, is to be put through the fire. To be perfectly refined. It had to do with the state of my mind. It must be wide open

It has to be wide open.

Can’t stop what’s coming. Can’t stop what is on its way.

I have come to find out by way of a creator force higher than myself that all I needed to ever do was slow down.

The over consumption of information and the particular way and order that I consumed the information paired with not having the knowledge of what was truly happening to me in my brain actually short circuited my brain rendering it blank and useless.

This uselessness and memory erasure was not permanent. Memories of the information I so fiercely consumed, that in turn consumed me began and still begin to resurface.

What this useless mind erasure did was put my life force and drive to consume more, new information to a zero point halt. Stopping the search and download processes to allow for processing of all that I had consumed prior to my mental spark knock.

Now that I’ve slowed down and the information is processing more in the right order and correct form and at a more steady, slow current, I’m starting to see how far ahead I actually am.

 when I watch the same media that I watched before with the same people saying the same things that used to put me into a mental panic, I realized that these people had no idea of what was next for me when I had no idea of what was happening to me.

I now realize that the people I held to such a high standard of knowledge that I thought I had learned knowledge from weren’t actually a head of my knowing. They actually didn’t know anymore than I did, although some were closer to that creator force higher than myself.

Some had the same direct line to that creator force as I, but we’re lacking in the scientific/technological research. Then others were full to the brim of science and technology but we’re seriously lacking in the creators force energy. 

Almost like the leaving out of one or the other gives a feeling of either being way too hot and the other way too cold. 

I’ve found I’d rather be way too hot. Burning with love knowing I’m only burning off the layers of this physical plane that I won’t need because there will be no physical. Burning off layers of addiction, jealousy, anger, greed, lust, and hatred.

Burning with the love of the creator. Knowing of this burn only creates more burn.

Hoping to get it all sorted out and prepared here from the physical to send with myself when I become metaphysical….. Hoping I’ll have this knowing that I’m coming to know.

Hoping not to descend when the blue lights seem to now look inviting because the infrared is getting hotter by and by.

It’s clearer and clearer every day.

Every hour. Every minute. Every second… And you can’t stop what’s coming…. You Can’t stop what is on its way.

Peeking from the Peak.

I thought I was ahead of the race. I thought I was the anchor man.

Turns out it was a race in circles and I thought I saw clarity coming around the bend. But it was just a Cliff off into oblivion. A Cliff off a definite dead end.

And as I came up to the edge of the Cliff I stopped short and I had to look straight down. There was no me waiting at no particular finish line.

I was at the peak of the wave peeking down at myself. My back turned, I was down in the trench of a frequency wave. I looked back at up at myself in surprise and terror at my self in error.

I thought I was the anchor man. Turns out I turned my back on myself for the front man frequency wave.

And as I caught myself peeking at myself from the top shelf peaking at a different frequency wave…..

I waved up to her and said high.

Is gang stalking real or is the targeted individual community schizophrenics feeding into each other’s delusions?

There are some who believe in gang stalking. There are some who say that gang stalking isn’t real.

The ones who believe in it and testify that it’s happened to them can be found on all kinds of forums and social media pages and groups. You can find many videos of people who have suffered from this phenomenon on YouTube giving their testimonies and sharing the things that they experience. You call also find many books written about the subject as well.

Those who say it’s not a real thing will also say that these people giving their testimonies and sharing their stories on all platforms online are all schizophrenic and feeding into each other’s delusions.

I would ask the people who believe it’s not a real thing to explain how people who suffer from gang stalking from all places and walks of life can share in the same delusions?

I myself feel that it is a real thing that I have, although no longer suffer from, experienced myself. I vowed to never stop researching and looking into how and why this phenomenon of gang stalking occurs.

It doesn’t take very much research and reading into the subject to start seeing a common theme and to even run across others who have had the same or similar experiences that I’ve had. I have read older books that are dated between 2006 in 2012 (way before I ever knew what gang stalking was let alone had it happen to me personally)That speak of some of the same experiences that I have had with gang stalking. These were written well before I had ever even heard of gang stalking, let alone had it happened to me personally. I am able to find validation with others whom I don’t even know experiences when I read of their experiences and compare them to my own.

As far as the whole gang stocking community online being a bunch of schizophrenics feeding into each others delusions I just have a hard time believing that. just as someone who’s never been gang stalked and would think that targeted individuals are schizophrenic sharing the same delusion would have a hard time wrapping their mind around the causes and occurrences that happen to people when dealing with the subject of gang stalking.

Leaving it up to the reader to decide really has a lot to do with if the reader is a victim of gang stalking or not. It seems that One side has a hard time wrapping their minds around the other side’s conclusions about the topic.